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IMR 21700 Lithium Battery 40A 4000mAh

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TrustFire IMR 21700 Lithium Battery High Drain 40A Rechargeable Cells 3.7v 4000mAh Power Li Ion Batteries for Electrical Tools
Suitable for: laser pointer, radios,loudspeakers,flashlights,radios,smallfans,electronic toysand other electronic products.
Product Features:
1. Without protection board, High drain, High power
2. We are a original factory(OEM), the factory can according to your demand attach your own logo or brand if qty up to 1000pcs.
3. Battery anode take convex head design, civil standard and easy to use
4. High rate discharge,no “memory effect”, short circuit, over charge and discharge protection.
5. Net Weight: 60g
6. With discharge function. Large Capacity, Long Cycle Life with Protection Board, with Micro-USB charge and discharge port, High Energy Density, Consistency, High Security
Environmental design, It is good both in low and high temperature operations.Provides excellent continuous power sources to your device.Great batteries for your flashlight or other devices.

IMR 21700 Lithium Battery Trustfire 21700 4000mah Trustfire 21700 4000mah Trustfire 21700 4000mah Trustfire 21700 4000mah


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